OrecX: Pioneer in Call Recording Software

OrecX: Pioneer in Call Recording Software

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Steve Kaiser,  CEO, OrecXSteve Kaiser, CEO
It’s a no brainer that the modern technology world is significantly benefitted by the potential of open source, where tech companies get to leverage the best version of their desired technology component without the hassle of acquiring or hiring the required technological understanding for the job. Like any other industry reaping the benefits of an open-source world, the call recording industry has also begun to move out of proprietary models, venturing into the dynamic world of open source to build new communicational architectures and IT infrastructures based on the open platform.

For a long period, enterprise applications in the call recording world have not been up to par with the rapid technological developments that are transforming other verticals. The limitations of being confined inside the boundaries of proprietary vendors have significantly eliminated the telephone company’s freedom of choice, power, access, and control – the essential parameters that stand imperative for the development of new and advanced enterprise applications. Moreover, a multitude of telephone companies today that are stuck with a proprietary model seldom have the liberty to downstream other third-party tools to enhance their technical and business value.

Liberating these organizations from contractual shackles and bringing them closer to a myriad of possibilities offered by the open-source world, OrecX carves a niche as a pioneer provider of one of the earliest call recording software in North America and founders of commercial open-source call recording software built on modern, open, and a modular architecture.

The quality access control that we provide our customers allows them to easily employ third-party software either upstream or downstream

Specialized in providing contact centers and Business VoIP Providers with full-featured, reliable, and easy to use call recording software at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions, OrecX made its recording software available in both open-source and commercial applications.

Steve Kaiser, CEO of OrecX, says, “The quality, access, and control that we provide allows customers to leverage third party software to create voice services on top of our audio capture platform, such as Speech Analytics, Real-time agent assist, and Voice Biometrics, to name a few; this can occur within a traditional call recording User Interface that we provide, or in many cases, the results are embedded into existing customer applications.

OrecX’s open source software, OrekaGPL, is used in more than 200 countries with 200,000 unique downloads and over tens of millions of users; and its commercial solution, Oreka TR, has achieved similar scale. It is OrecX’s goal to help organize the world’s spoken information by providing a modern approach to capturing audio at scale and then allowing customers the freedom to structure, categorize, and view the data in any manner and with any vendor of their choosing.

OrecX also provides its software for clients working in Cisco ecosystems offering Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) technology. OrecX works with large and small scale UCaaS/CPaaS that range in size from 250 to 150,000 subscribers. As companies embrace open source concepts in telephony, as they have with the Internet, OrecX’s modern and open audio capture platform yields strategic, technical, economic, and ecosystem efficiencies.

In closing, OrecX’s commitment to open standards enables it to uniquely meet the broadest set of use cases in the industry is further enhanced by the rich and vibrant ecosystem that it attracts.
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Steve Kaiser, CEO

Provides open source, modular call recording solutions for businesses and service providers